Choosing the Best Sliding Closet Doors for Your Bedroom

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Sliding doors are an excellent feature to install on your closets. Because they don't open outwards, they don't require much space which means your bedrooms will feel larger and more open. Here's what you should know when it comes to selecting the best sliding closet doors for bedrooms. The most common option are sliding mirrored doors. These are very … [Read more...]

Brighten Up Your Garage with Proper Lighting


Many garages feel like windowless caves where everything from lawn chairs to garden tools hide out within the shadows. Not only does this give them the same charm as a dungeon, it can make it difficult to find the things you are looking for when you want to use them. Here are some tips for lighting your garage that can change all that: Install some … [Read more...]

Effectively Organize Your Hallway Closet


Organizing hall closets isn't something most people look forward to doing. However, completing the chore will make it easier for you to locate everything from summer toys to your favorite jackets. Here are 5 tips that will go a long way towards helping you out. Install some hooks. These are better than hangers and you can install them along the walls … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Pantry


Some people love painting while many see it as a mundane task. The work itself isn't that hard, but choosing the right paints and colors can leave you a bit flummoxed. When it comes to painting your pantry, here are some things that will make the task easier: Select a latex paint. Latex based paints are durable, dry fast, and easy to clean up using … [Read more...]

Helpful Tips for Designing a Woman’s Closet

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Closet space is always limited, yet a woman's wardrobe is seemingly endless. This can make it difficult to decide how to design a woman's closet effectively. Here are some tips that will make it a little bit easier. Start by clearing the closet out. Sort everything into stacks to get an idea of the space you'll need for shoes, skirts, pants, … [Read more...]