Another poll question!

It’s that time again — we’ve put a new poll up!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last poll, When’s the last time you cleaned out your closet?

Most of you who voted said that you most recently cleaned out your closet last month.The second-most popular vote was last year, and third-most was last weekend. We’re glad “last year” didn’t win out! You don’t need to be cleaning every single day, but having an organized closet is not small potatoes when it comes to time management and stress. Knowing that your things are organized and easy-to-access makes your life easier on all levels.

So, without further ado, here’s our new poll question. We think it’s good timing because a lot of you may be starting to use your garage more, be it for outdoor activities, working on the car or garden, or even garage sales! Let us know what your garage looks like right now.

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