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We love it when we stumble across great organization blogs because we love being able to share them with all of the readers on our blog.

One of our favorites is 365 Days of Organization. They provide a lot of inspiration for someone looking to get organized or just get tips on general stress relief.

One of their best features is their weekly tips. They haven’t been updated since 2009, but their archive is great. Here are some of the more recent ones.

Organization Tip of the Week #13
Don’t rely on your memory. You run the risk of letting tasks fall through the cracks. The best way to never forget an appointment, a deadline, or a detail again, is to write everything down.

Organization Tip of the Week #4
File every day. If you only have one or two pieces of paper to file, you likely wouldn’t see the task as so daunting.

Organization Tip of the Week #3
Keep a basket on the stairs for items that belong upstairs.

In our house, everyone has to check the basket prior to going upstairs to make sure there is nothing in the basket that belongs to them. Anyone going upstairs is responsible for getting their own items back to their room.

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