Add a Sliding Tie Rack to Your Custom Closet


Ties are to a man's closet what scarves are to a lady's. Whether worn every day or only on special occasions, it's nice to have these accessories neat and tidy to make choosing the perfect one a breeze. With a sliding tie rack, you can place ties, scarves, and  even necklaces upon the pegs where they will stay neat and pressed. When you are ready to … [Read more...]

See the Advantages of Our Adjustable Closet Systems


Life is constantly changing, and so too are your storage needs. Having adjustable closet systems installed in your home will help you keep pace and keep everything organized as your needs change. The adjustable closet systems we offer at Closet Factory are designed to be easily adjusted so that you can change the height of each cubby, the position of your … [Read more...]

Helpful Pant Storage Ideas for Your Closet

customized pant rack

If you are having trouble keeping your pants pressed and organized, now might be a good idea to consider a different type of pant storage. Most people simply fold their pants on a shelf or hang them from a hanger. While laying jeans flat is no problem, dress slacks tend to wrinkle when you do this. To avoid this, consider a customized pant rack. While … [Read more...]

Store Your Jewelry With Our Custom Drawers


Whether with gold or silver, diamond or pearl, you're never quite fully dressed until you've adorned yourself with a piece of jewelry. It's the finishing touch to any outfit, which is why it's essential that you keep your jewelry organized and easily accessible within custom jewelry drawers. After all, you don't want to hunt for that special pair of earrings … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Flex Rooms


Space is always at a premium inside the home. By adopting just a few flex room design principles, you can open your rooms up and make them feel more spacious and comfortable to relax in. The following ideas are the most popular options our clients ask us to install in them: Murphy Beds: Ideal for guest bedrooms and children's rooms, Murphy Beds provide a … [Read more...]