Be Bold With Your Closet Door Design

Source: Elle Decor

Forget the mirrors and solid colors - when it comes to your closet doors, you should consider them accent pieces to be noticed and admired. Here are some ideas that will make your closet door design stand out in your home. Adorn your closet doors with your favorite artwork, whether that's the Manhattan skyline or the face of the Mona Lisa. The visual … [Read more...]

Deciding the Items to Keep in Your Closet


Closets are magnets for all sorts of clothing and items we hardly use. Over time, sweaters, scarves, t-shirts, and shoes accumulate to the point that it can be difficult to get rid of them, because you never know - you just might use it again someday. So, how do you begin purging your closets of all that extra stuff that's taking up space? Start by … [Read more...]

Give Your Home Office the Perfect Lighting Design


The days of the 9 to 5 are long gone, which means you will probably find yourself working late into the night more often than you would like. Since work can't be avoided, make sure you pay close attention to your home office lighting design. After all, the right light will make working into the evenings considerably easier. Add some recessed … [Read more...]

Introducing Motor Trend Garage by Closet Factory

Motor Trend Garage by Closet Factory

Storing items in your garage is one of the best uses of space in the house. It provides plenty of places for you to stack and store possessions. However, it can quickly become a cluttered mess if you're not careful. This is why Closet Factory has partnered with Motor Trend Garage to help you keep things in order. Motor Trend Garage offers some of the … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Sliding Closet Doors for Your Bedroom

Source: Houzz

Sliding doors are an excellent feature to install on your closets. Because they don't open outwards, they don't require much space which means your bedrooms will feel larger and more open. Here's what you should know when it comes to selecting the best sliding closet doors for bedrooms. The most common option are sliding mirrored doors. These are very … [Read more...]